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C.H.A.T. Retreat – June 4-6, 2019

Deaf Access is pleased to announce a unique, educational getaway for teens (ages 13-18) from across Simcoe County and Muskoka who are deaf and hard of hearing in beautiful Parry Sound.

Program Overview

The program is a 3-day retreat for deaf and hard of hearing teens designed to provide opportunities for exploring self-identity, communication strategies/methods and new technology through hands-on learning, deaf adult and peer led presentations. The goal is to encourage and foster relationships with one another, learn strategies for future educational and employment opportunities, and of course, have fun! We are dubbing this the CHAT Retreat (Camp for Hard of Hearing/Deaf Adults and Teens).

CHAT Retreat is geared towards students from mainstream educational programs who have not had ample opportunities to meet deaf/hard-of-hearing peers or adult role models in their own school communities.

CHAT Retreat is a place for students, of both oral and signing backgrounds, to interact with a variety of peers as they all seek to discover who they are, who they want to be and what’s out there to help them thrive.

CHAT Retreat focuses on promoting open-minded attitudes towards all types of communication, meeting peer and adult role models, and developing a better understanding of the science of hearing loss/deafness and the hearing technology they use, as well as self-identification and self-advocacy.

CHAT Retreat includes team building and problem solving activities, outdoor adventure challenges, presentations, ASL instruction and free time for waterfront activities and socialization.

Sign language interpreters as well as Real Time Notetaking (captioning) will be provided for large group activities.


When and where is the CHAT Retreat?

Tuesday, June 4- Thursday, June 6, 2019 we will be at the Bob Rumball Camp of the Deaf, just south of Parry Sound. This multipurpose space offers separate dormitory style lodging for males and females, as well as staff persons. The large meeting room is perfect for presentations or play. There are two lakes with opportunities for some water play and canoe and kayaking. There is a large soccer field as well as a gymnasium to host a variety of group games. For more information on this property, please visit:


Educational Presentations

 Friendship and Frustrations: Wisdom from Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teens

 Identity and Adapting in a Hearing World

 Your Hearing (What you need to know about your ears and brain)

 Hearing Technology (How it works, care and maintenance)

 Specialized Apps, Technology, Devices and Services

 Introduction to American Sign Language


Leadership Development

Students will participate in a variety of leadership and skill-based activities to promote teamwork and self-advocacy. Students will effectively learn how to communicate with others of varying abilities, hearing and speech skills, and different personalities- skills that will translate from high school into post-secondary education and the workplace.


Fees and Transportation

Deaf Access Simcoe Muskoka is pleased to offer this program for the cost of $110.00 per participant. This covers accommodations, activities, and food fees. Transportation to and from the camp is required by the families or by the respective school boards.

Payment can be made online at below via PayPal, via phone by credit card, or in office by cheque, credit card or cash. Our office is located at 11 Victoria Street on the second floor.

CHAT Retreat Registration

Please complete the participant registration form and submit it in person or by email to along with your payment.



*Pour obtenir information en francais, s’il vous plait faire demande par courielle ou par telephone