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American Sign Language

American Sign Language (ASL) is the native language used by the Deaf community in North America. It is a visual language comprised of specific signs, handshapes and facial expressions following a unique grammar structure. Our courses are community based non-accredited classes.

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Deaf Access is proud to offer American Sign Language classes at a variety of levels year-round in partnership with Georgian College. All of our instructors are Deaf, professionally trained fluent users of ASL, and provide you with an interactive opportunity to be immersed in the language and culture of the Deaf community. There is no spoken language used regularly in class.

Deaf Access uses the Signing Naturally series developed by Deaf native ASL users at Vista Community College in Berkeley, California over 30 years ago. The functional notional approach is based on the language’s communicative use and focuses on natural and interpersonal communication needs.

Students with prior learning that wish to gain entry into level 2 courses are required to show record of a completed level 1 with Georgian College or another post-secondary or community organization, or take a placement test (fee applies – please contact our office at



Classes continue to be offered virtually for the fall session. 


ASL Beginner Level 1 is an immersive introductory course that focuses on basic vocabulary and an introduction to various aspects of deafness. Students will learn how to introduce oneself, exchange personal information, discuss living situations and gain knowledge of Deaf culture and community. Course text (utilized in both ASL Beginner 1 and 2 courses) is required.

Materials: Signing Naturally Book 1 – Units 1 to 3 Students DVD/workbook.

12 weeks – 36 hours

*please note that course materials for beginner level courses are available through the Georgian College campus book store and are required for the first day of class

ASL Beginner 1 – Thursdays

In partnership with Georgian College, Continuing Education

Thursdays 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

START DATE: Thursday September 21, 2023

Course Fee: $269.91


The ASL Beginner 2 course builds on skills and knowledge obtained in ASL Beginner 1. Students are further introduced to linguistic and cultural information. Topics include talking about family and activities. Students expand their conversational range from talking about themselves and surroundings to storytelling. Focus includes re-telling stories, role-shift, classifiers and engaging their audience. Students will require the text materials from ASL Beginner 1.

Prerequisite: ASL Beginner 1

Materials: Signing Naturally Units 4 to 6 Student DVD/workbook.

12 weeks – 36 hrs

ASL Beginner 2 – Wednesdays

In partnership with Georgian College, Continuing Education

Wednesdays 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm  

START DATE: Wednesday September 20, 2023

Course Fee: $269.91

*This course requires the use of the Signing Naturally 1 workbook and DVD purchased for level Beginner 1


ASL Intermediate and Advanced Levels

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There are two options to take to check your ASL language skills.


#1 – PLACEMENT TEST: Have prior ASL knowledge, learning and unsure of which course to take? Book an ASL assessment with us for $40.00.  Click the button below for payment and email to schedule your appointment.


#2 ASL PROFICIENCY INTERVEW (ASLPI): Your employer may ask you to under go an global language evaluation to determine your ASL skill level to fit the employment environment.  Deaf Access recognizes two organizations offering this evaluation: Sign Language Institute of Canada (SLIC) and Gallaudet University (Washington D.C.).  Deaf Access is currently a proctor for in-person ASLPI bookings for Gallaudet.


For more information about SLIC’s process, please email or visit their website at  For more information about Gallaudet University’s process, please email or visit their website at


Questions can also be emailed to us at for either process.

ASL Assessment Fee (due upon booking)


Are you a part of a municipality, company or agency that has Deaf employees or interested in improving interactions between front-line staff and Deaf customers? Deaf Access offers specialized courses that include an introduction to ASL as well as various communication strategies that will help promote better communication within your business or organization. Training is currently offered online and can be tailored to best match your specific needs.

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Individualized private online tutoring and/or instruction can be made available for individuals with a hearing loss and their family members who are seeking extra support in their learning of ASL. Curriculum and learning expectations are tailored to each individual’s needs and goals.

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Hosted by local members of the community, monthly ASL Coffee Nights in Barrie, Orillia & Midland provide an opportunity for ASL students to practice their conversational ASL skills outside the classroom environment. For more information about this group please contact the Deaf Access office.